There are a few essentials when starting a new school year : new outfit *check*, a doctor’s note that lets you skip gym class for the entire year *check*, new shoes from SoftMoc’s BTS Flyer *check* , new notebooks *check* and of course a swagged out backpack ! Woah, Woah, Woah my Shoe For Lifers…. How are you going to make this year a hit without this essential tool?! It’s almost as crucial, as making sure your sitting one row behind your crush, so that you can stareee umm I mean admire in peace. Have no fear Shoes for Life is here! These are our top picks to make sure that this year is in the BAG! Even if you are no longer roaming the halls or wandering around campus, backpacks are very trendy right now. So put down that heavy purse and pick up the comfort of two straps!  Tell me what backpack matches your swag ; nautical , preppy , sleek or leather?




  • Kimberly Snyder

    I love the Preppy Style

  • tom sides

    preppy life

  • jemrah

    i like them all!! i choose nautical because it is unique!

  • Teresa Jankowski

    Definitely leather– love that look of backpack/purse. Looks casual, sleek and simple– with so much style.

  • chris conanan

    nautical life

  • luisa


  • Treen Goodwin

    I love leather love hands down :)

  • Elee

    i would love the nautical. I am back at hitting the books as I started a 2 year online program. I could use a bag to carry my books to the local coffee shop for reading and studying.

  • Nic

    Leather Love! My fave is the brown.

  • fossie55

    Love the preppy style. Awesome selection.
    Florence C

  • lovestotravel29

    leather love

  • Barbara Riffe

    I love the leather. So easy to clean and looks great with any outfit. Thank you

  • Teresa Valvano


  • Julie Nicholls

    I really like the nautical.

  • Joseph Dawe


  • Andrea Alexander

    Leather love!

  • Em


  • Josephine


  • JIM

    Hard to choose between sleek style and leather love

  • Priscila Castañeda de Mousseau

    Nautical life by Samsonite :)

  • Bernice

    I like the Nautical Lfe backpacks

  • Lisa Bourlier

    I love your Nautical Life collection!

  • JoKing

    Preppy kid fits my style.

  • Corry Lehmann

    Gotta be Leather Love for me! <3

  • CL

    The leather ones are my favourite look!

  • Amber Clouthier


  • Monique Shuell

    oooh…Leather Love for sure!

  • Valerie Mallette

    The nautical style backpack especially the Unisex SUPERBREAK blue print backpack matches my swag the most! :)

  • Castleville Kelly

    I really like the black leather bag.

  • Karen

    My fav is the sleek Core Grey.

  • Jenni Westman

    Nautical is 100% my style!!

  • Vicki G

    Sleek style!I love the grey Converse bag! :)

  • bcbarbara

    I love the nautical look backpacks, particularly the navy one.

  • Ming Kwang

    Sleek style for me

  • Marlene

    Leather Love Is just awesome!

  • angela mitchell

    I love the leather look!

  • Jay Nelson

    I guess I am a preppy kid.

  • Janet Meisner

    I like the Sleek style.

  • Andrea Lamont

    LOVE the leather! Thanks for the chance!

  • bcgirll

    Love Preppy Kid………UNLESS ‘leather Love’ is real leather!

  • Tamara Regan

    I really think the preppy is so wonderful. It is a classic Jansport but the leather straps on the front really give this backpack some intrigue. It is much like me….a total classic woman with a bit of mystery and intrigue. :-)

  • lmjf

    gramma likes leather…

  • jonnieh

    I really love the unique look of the leather backpacks!

  • Naomi Sando

    I love the sleek style!!! Perfectly fits how I would dress for school :)

  • Kim

    Preppy Kid or Sleek Style are my favourtite

  • Stephanie

    Nautical is definitely my style!!! Love these Jansport backpacks!

  • Christine DaSilva

    Nautical style!

  • Debbie Bashford

    leather love!!

  • Elizabeth V

    I love the Preppy Kid.

  • Shirley OFlynn

    The Leather is definitely my style! Love it!

  • Heidi

    Leather Love!!

  • Jenness M

    Love the sleek style!

  • ek03yr

    Leather love!!

  • Amy Marsh

    I love both the nautical and the leather love

  • shirley li

    love preppy kid!

  • Monica

    Leather by far!

  • Taylor

    I love the nautical style the best. out of all of them. Thanks for the chance to win

  • gwennyk

    It’s preppy, for me!

  • MrDPrize


  • Darrah Bailey

    LOVE the Nautical life ones <3

  • Dianne

    I like Preppy Kid. I love the strap accents on it.

  • calioop13

    Leather Love is gorgeous. I’d be proud to “cart ” that around.

  • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    My kids & I love the Nautical Style!⚓️

  • Deana Moraes

    I really like the Preppy Kid

  • Jenny Ha

    Nautical Life!

  • Clarissa Hiciano

    I love The Nautical life!

  • Alayne Langford

    I love the nautical life!!

  • Tainan Lu

    Preppy Kid.

  • Silvia D

    love the leather ones

  • Lynne L

    My daughter is dying to get the Jansport Nautical themed one!

  • dmhaen

    Love the nautical style!

  • Christa Robertson

    Nautical Life 👍👍

  • Karen H

    The leather Love would be my choice

  • Shelley

    I adore the Leather Love!!

  • Darci Paice-Bailey

    love Leather Love it would last the duration and goes with everything

  • Louanne B

    Love the leather!

  • Ann Kieswetter

    Leather Love would be my pick!

  • jessica eapen

    i like nautical!

  • Birdie Trafford

    Love the Preppy Kid , could fit lots of kool stuff in it 😍

  • Pangela Angela

    Love the pretty kids

  • NinaN2

    Love the Preppy Kids!

  • Michelle W

    Leather for me!

  • wandajane1

    Love the brown leather!

  • jan

    Sleek style please

  • BaileyDexter

    Wow, the Women’s 5317 black washed convertible backpack calls my name. LOL Love the look!

  • Cyn Thia K

    Sleek is the way to go!

  • teresa

    I really like the leather ones

  • Jenn E

    sleek for me!

  • TigerLil8x8

    I like the Leather Love. Women’s black washed convertible backpack. I can’t carry a backpack because it feels uncomfortable. I’m constantly needing to get things out of my bag like my bus pass, water bottle, wallet etc. So a back pack isn’t practical for me. Also having to take it off my back just sit down on the bus is annoying. I prefer a tote or over the body messenger bag. 🇨🇦

  • Gayle

    Loving the brown!

  • Heidi

    Leather Love

  • Debbie White-Beattie

    I’m all about Love “Leather Love”

  • coach_daves

    Sleek style is my fav. Thx for the giveaway.

  • Andrea

    I would rock the Nautical Life!

  • Tammy Dalley

    I love the brown leather <3

  • Joanne Saunders

    I would love to have either a Sleek Style Backpack or a Leather Love styled one.

  • Paula-Marie Kucharczyk

    It’s Leather Love for me! The brown bag looks so versatile!! Love it!

  • Irene Eichler

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ! the Leather love !

  • Rachel

    Brown leather love

  • Leeanne C

    Leather love for sure

  • Marla H.

    Love the style , nice and chic…….can be an early Birthday gift!!!

  • Shana Langley

    Love love love the nautical!!⚓️

  • Maritess

    Love nautical life collection particularly the blue anchor one.

  • cobakk1812

    Love the Nautical, would look great on the daughter!

  • Mel

    Sleek matches my swag!

  • Larker

    Lovely blues with the Nautical backpacks, nice size too.

  • K – WackyWorldofK

    Sleek for sure!