• Linda

    Digital Flower Power! Perfect for summer!

  • CL

    The digital flower power ones are really nice!

  • Maria C.

    Chuck II Flow Red for me

  • Taylor

    I would say My Favorite Is chuck II Flow red for me, I would most diffidently wear these every day

  • Ali Piwtorak

    Chuck II Flow Red!

  • Eric Constantineau

    Chuck II Flow Red

  • Melissa Lessard

    I’m loving the high tops but I might have to say the Chuck II Flow red!

  • Mary Murphy

    Digital Flower Power

  • Andrea Alexander

    The Chuck II Flow Red

  • Jacqueline Burvill

    Digital Flower Power 😀

  • Vicky

    Chuck IV Viz flow

  • Jen

    Love them all!! The digital flower power is cool!

  • Charlene Lucas

    Digital Flower Power for sure!!!!!

  • Debbie White-Beattie

    If we’re only picking from the 3 above then my choice would be Chuck ll Flow Red. But I have to say I love the Converse Chuck line and if I could I get almost every color they have.

  • Rust

    Get In The Chuck II Flow Red, yes.

  • TigerLil8x8

    ALL STAR DIGITAL FLOWER PRINT sneakers from CONVERSE in Multi coloured Blue shades. I like them because they’re really different from plain ordinary sneakers.

  • Susan Hambrook Bailey

    Digital Flower Power

  • http://wackyworldofk.blogspot.com/ K – WackyWorldofK

    I love the gray Chuck IV Viz Flow hi-tops!

  • http://adventureswithjennpup.wordpress.com Jennpup

    The Chuck II Flow Red

  • M T

    I like the Get in The Chuck II Flow Red. What a funny name!

  • shirley li

    love the Chuck IV Viz Flow (:

  • Birdie Trafford

    So love the Get In The Chuck II Flow Red , perfect fave color 😊

  • Elisa98203

    Digital flower power

  • Debbie Bashford

    The Digital Flower Power is my favourite!

  • Maria Katie

    Digital Flower Power

  • Fiona Mullins

    Get in the Chuck II flow red

  • Jenn E

    I have to go with the Digital Flower Power!

  • Colleen C

    I love the Digital Flower Power!