Flair For Feet: Mad About Memory Foam

Breaking News: We are utterly, completely mad about memory foam. Footbeds, that is. They’ve been described as walking on air, comfortable as bedroom slippers and light as a feather. With amazing arch support to boot. What more could a foot want in a shoe?

The good news is, they don’t just come in geriatric, unattractive orthotic shoes anymore. Memory foam insoles are in all sorts of styles nowadays, from walking & running shoes to (summer lovers unite), sandals! Yes you can walk comfortably and free your toes! SoftMoc has cute to boot summer sandals,  and if you can’t find a style for you, we even sell insoles. Hello options! Simply trim to size and slip into your old-faithfuls.


Memory Foam shoes we’re mad about:



The SoftMoc “Alicia” Sandal is made for walking with a built in arch-support and comes in glam black and pewter shades. Can’t decide? Get both.



The black & white polka dot Alicia” is pretty much the summery version of the original.



Skecher’s “GoWalk’s” are renowned for their comfy feel, thanks to GoImpulse sensors that detect the surface you’re on and adjust to give you the ultimate “barefoot walking experience”. We love the woven look of the “Vivid”, which comes in vibrant blue and grey



The Skechers “Sweet Pea” is that elusive hybrid of walking shoe and flat. The pretty mesh detailing comes in both white & black.



And lastly, the one size fits all memory foam insert. Shop it and walk on, friends. Walk on.


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  1. Em
    4 years ago

    I’d get the Sweet Pea in both colors

  2. Angie In My 30s
    4 years ago

    those look VERY comfy!!