We know, we know. There’s still snow on the ground.

But one of the best parts of spring is… TADA! Tons and tons of new arrivals, in all sorts of styles and colours.

We’ve put together a little Step By Step Guide to Springing it like a true fashionista.

Check out the Must-Have’s for 2016:


**BONUS Tell us which style (from the below) you would love to rock for Spring. There may be a freebie in store!


Because a girl’s gotta have a go-to ankle bootie. We love the Timberland Open Weave work boot.




Chelsea boots are having a moment. Or a season… either way, we love ’em. Shop Doc Marten’s Oak Pull-On Chelsea boots.




Sweet sweet flats. SoftMoc’s new spring arrivals? Even sweeter. The Evita Rose Snake Print is lovely, if we do say so ourselves.




Laceless is trending, and so are oxfords. Shop the Benicia in tan or black, or stick with the traditional Besilia. 






Rain rain go away. That never really works… so be prepped with a Hunter Adjustable Short Boot in Red. 

BLOG_Spring-Trends_5 (2)



Gold, snake print and a thong sandal. Say hello to the Alicia .





Last on the list, but essential for spring – A Wedge. We adore the Damsel Keds in Navy. 

BLOG_Spring-Trends_7 (2)

  • Rachel

    I love Alicia! Snake print and a thong. Say no more ❤️

  • Anna Roszak-Robinson

    Love the thong sandal

  • Ann Kieswetter

    Thong sandals!

  • Nic

    i love the oxfords!

  • Taylor

    My favourite is the thong sandals.

  • Maritess

    Evita Rose Snake Print Flats

  • DC

    Love the classic flat!

  • teeslee


  • MyBitsandBleeps

    Love that wedge!

  • RV Hook


  • Taylor

    I love the flats

  • Kimmi Melnychuk

    I love rain boots. always outside getting muddy

  • flowerchild23

    I love the chelsea boots

  • Heather

    I love an ankle boot.

  • Rachel

    Alicia! Bring your snake print to me!

  • C L. Chin

    I like flats because they are comfortable for the entire day and come in so many great styles!

  • susie_mc78

    Love #6 A Thong Sandal! And it’s warming up outside and soon I’ll be freeing my toes!

  • Tammy Dalley

    I loveeeeee the ankle boot!!!

  • Rachel

    I would rock those Alicia thong sandals!

  • coach_daves

    Oxfords is my favourite.

  • http://www.journeysofthezoo.com/ Journeysof TheZoo

    Drooling over the Ankle Boot!

    Besos Sarah.

  • Nancy J Montgomery

    Love the thong sandal.

  • Taylor

    I really like the flats

  • Em Vee

    I like Alicia. It’s almost Spring time!

  • Sara Stafford

    HUNTERS, without a doubt! These are perfect for the rainy spring days ahead! They add a little personal flare to an outfit! I like the coloured ones to add a little pop!

  • RV Hook


  • Branka Stefanovic

    Love the wedge heel.. so much easier to walk in

  • Joy Doucette

    Love the Hunter Rain boots.

  • Maryam

    The rainboot

  • Samantha

    Love the rain boots!! So cute!

  • Debbie S.

    Oh I love wearing thong sandals, so free!

  • coach_daves

    I like the Oxfords

  • Taylor

    I love the flats.

  • Pauline

    The Chelsea boot is really great!!

  • Samantha Rudden

    Hunter wellies, especially in red! Such a classic pair of puddle splashers for spring 💕

  • Samantha Pearson

    Red hunters or the Chelsea boot!!

  • dannielle tessier

    Timberland ankle open weave boots…ahhh absolutely gorgeous …perfect for the wet spring days..thank you Soft Moc for a chance..fingers crossed

  • dannielle tessier

    Timberland ankle open weave boots…ahhh gorgeous..fingers crossed perfect for those wet rainy spring days..thank you Soft Moc for this great chance

  • Judy

    Those Chelsea boots!! So gorgeous <3

  • Squires

    I absolutely love the flats. Need a new pair badly.So pretty!!