Keds has transformed from clean/classic/preppy to an envy worthy #OOTD. Every day of the week. 

Check out the hot new line up for Fall:


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Pretty In Pastel 

BLOG-1_KEDS-MakeYourMark (002)



Blue Hues 




Burgundy Beauties 


  • dmhaen

    Love love the Seasonal Dusty Blue!

  • ricccy

    Quilted Grey Double Decker

  • Monique Shuell

    I like the Double Decker Quilted Grey.

  • jan

    I like the Double Decker Quilted Grey ones

  • NinaN2

    LOVE the seasonal burgundy!

  • Juliee Fitze

    Pretty In Pastel

  • Tracey O’Donnell

    Love the burgandy great fall color.

  • Vicky

    Pretty in pastel!

  • Janet Meisner

    I like the seasonal in Dusty Blue

  • 12carebear

    Double Decker Quilted Grey , thanks

  • ameirah taha

    Pretty in pastel is my fave!!! Yess! Thanks

  • JusticeSadie

    Seasonal Dusty blue! Gorgeous

  • nancy fiorenza

    season dusty blue

  • Elaine

    Love the burgundy !!!

  • Nicole Ford

    seasonal dusty blue

  • Jay Nelson

    Burgundy Beauties

  • Wanda Tracey

    I loveX X the DOUBLE DECKER QUILTED slip ons from KEDS.

  • Samantha

    Seasonal burgundy is gorgeous!

  • Judy Cowan

    Women’s DOUBLE DECKER QUILTED grey slip ons!

  • Susan Kramer


  • Nicole Wc

    I love the double decker quilted grey!

  • Catherine R.

    Love the Women’s CHAMPION burgundy canvas sneakers

  • Jacqueline Burvill

    Love the dusty blue!!! 😀

  • jozeso

    Seasonal Burgandy!

  • Christine DaSilva

    The seasonal dusty blue :)

  • Andrea Alexander

    double decker quilted grey!

  • TigerLil8x8

    The CHAMPION dusty blue canvas sneakers are the ones I would pick out of the 3 choices. But I would buy them in Dark Royal Blue. 👟👟🇨🇦

  • Treen Goodwin

    I love the Seasonal dusty blue ❤

  • Josephine Evans

    Seasonal Dusty Blue

  • Debbie Bashford

    Loving the Double Decker Quilted Grey #‎KedsStyle‬

  • Maryhelen Toal

    I’m loving the seasonal burgundy!

  • Jennifer C.

    Seasonal Burgundy! #‎KedsStyle

  • Cathy Brown

    season dusty blue.

  • Julie

    I love the Seasonal Dusty Blue!

  • Jessica Chan

    I prefer Double Decker Pretty in grey.

  • Rita Elliot

    I prefer the Seasonal dusty blue

  • Joanne Donaldson Frank

    I love the Seasonal Burgundy

  • batye1

    Seasonal Burgandy!

  • ToCo

    Seasonal Burgundy!

  • Brenda Penton

    Burgundy Beauties

  • shirley li

    double decker quilted grey

  • Deanna Bolton

    Love the seasonal dusty blue pair! :)

  • rosehaven

    I love the Seasonal Dusty Blue!

  • Erika R.

    I love the Double Decker/Pretty In Pastel ones!

  • gwennyk

    Seasonal dusty blue’s for me!

  • Debbie White-Beattie

    I love the dusty blue

  • Debbie S.

    I love the Women’s CHAMPION burgundy canvas sneakers in burgundy (red) #KedsStyle

  • Melanie Nordeen

    I love the Double decker quilted grey shoe

  • Olga Thomas

    I really love “Women’s CHAMPION burgundy canvas sneakers” :)

  • Shirley

    I love the double decker quilted Slip ons in grey!!!

  • Moe Anderson

    I really like the Double Decker Quilted Grey #‎KedsStyle‬

  • Skip Jones


  • luisa

    Love the Seasonal Burgundy

  • CL

    Pretty in pastel

  • ksceviour

    I love the Pretty in pastel

  • Eileen Krueger

    I like the seasonal burgundy.

  • Colleen H.

    I love the double decker quilted grey! They look like I could run to all my classes comfortably in them!

  • Birdie Trafford

    Pretty in Pastel ….so love the Double Decker Gray :)

  • Cherlee

    Love the burgundy

  • Maria C.

    Oh how I love the Pretty In Pastel look! This will definitely make my day everyday!


    #‎KedsStyle Ptetty in Pastel are soooooo pretty

  • Shirley S

    The seasonal dusty blue is my favourite.

  • Teresa Valvano

    Double decker quilted grey are my favourite!

  • Lana Angeles

    Love the Pretty in Pastel. I need a pair of the Double Deckers

  • Joanne Donaldson Frank

    The seasonal dusty blue totally my fav ..

  • Taylor

    I would love to have a pair of the seasonal burgundy. thanks soft mocs

  • Taylor

    most diffidently love the seasonal burgundy they would be my fav #softmocsforlife #softmocs

  • Shannon

    Really like the quilted grey keds they match everything

  • lovestotravel29

    I know my daughter wants the burgundy

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    Really like the quilted grey keds – they would be cute with many things

  • M T

    I like the Blue Hues. I could use more colored shoes!