It’s Sandal Season and we are, to put it mildly, Fest Obsessed! 

Summer is all about cooling off, chillin’ out and relaxing to the max.

Do yourself a favour and score these sweet deals. 


**BONUS Tell us your favourite catch phrase from below  & you  may win a freebie!

















  • C L. Chin

    Get strapped in for Spring!

  • Rachel

    Style Elevated

  • Heidi P

    GET STRAPPED IN FOR SPRING – love this catch phrase. So true, love the freedom of SANDALS of any kind..slip on, strap up and you are ready for on the go ♥♥♥

  • ToCo

    Style elevated! Love my wedges!

  • fossie55

    Get Strapped in for Spring. Love the selection of colours.
    Florence C

  • Deb

    Get Strapped in for Spring!

  • Melissa Connie Bells M

    Live the Madison, Emmy and amber. So many great sandals.

  • Jenny L.

    Get Strapped in for Spring!

  • Cheryl

    Get Strapped in for SPRING is my fav! :)

  • Catherine Robichaud

    My fave is “Free Your Soles”

  • Andrea Alexander

    Free your soles :)

  • Jos

    Major Shade

  • Vicky (@vlutes)

    free you soles

  • dmhaen

    Free Your Soles

  • Nicole S.

    Get strapped in for spring :D!

  • Radhika K

    Get Strapped for Spring

  • Monique Shuell

    Free your soles.

  • Leah Leitch

    Free Your Soles – I’m ready to do that!

  • BSBLover

    Get Strapped in for Spring!

  • gwennyk

    Free Your Soles!

  • Debbie Starkey

    Get Strapped in for Spring!

  • nancy fiorenza

    get strapped in for sprng

  • Elaine

    Get strapped in for spring, need new sandals

  • hoozat

    Free your soles

  • gizfarris

    Get strapped in for spring.

  • Diana Pringle

    Free your soles!!! Would love to win!

  • Nic

    Free your Soles!

  • wandajane1

    Free Your Soles!

  • Victoria Timmins

    Major Shade ❤



  • chris conanan

    style elevated

  • jennie sides

    get strapped in for spring

  • geraldinedurant

    Free Your Soles. I like that

  • Shirley

    Free Your Soles

  • Donna F Doyle

    Free Your Soles.

  • TigerLil8x8

    FREE YOUR SOLES! I like the pun soles/souls. Some people may not like the “Get Strapped…” because thy’re old enough to remember getting strapped in school. Others may think it’s a risque double entendre . 👡🇨🇦

  • TigerLil8x8

    FREE YOUR SOLES! I like the pun soles/souls. Some people may not like “Get Strapped…” because they’re old enough to remember getting strapped in school. Others may see it as a risque double entendre. 👡🇨🇦

  • Lisa Jaeger Rumolo

    Free your soles!

  • Ming Kwang

    Get Strapped In For Spring

  • ecogirl

    Free your soles!

  • Poonam

    “Major Shade” lol

  • Candace Galan

    Free Your Soles, love it!

  • Jenna D

    I love FREE YOUR SOLES! (yes, please!)

  • Khyati

    Get strapped in for springs is the catch phrase i like

  • toni v

    Major Shade “I can’t believe that woman just threw Major Shade at him!”

  • Renee Duffield

    i love the sole ones

  • Sharon Cosby

    FREE YOUR SOLES!!! Love my feet being free!~

  • shirley li

    Free your soles (:

  • Em

    lol i like free your soles

  • Vanessa E

    Major Shade!! Yaaass!

  • Wendy Heinrichs

    Get Strapped in for Spring! love the black and white

  • Brad


  • Rachel

    Style Elevated!

  • Birdie Trafford

    Free your soles :) <3 ……I never don't have flip flops on in the summer hardly or some kind of sandlal

  • Corry Lehmann

    “FREE YOUR SOLES”!! Love it!!

  • Taylor

    Free Your soles….is awesome.

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    Get Strapped Into Spring love it

  • Gnome Girl


  • Tamra Phelps

    I have to go with ‘Free Your Soles” –that’s the one!

  • Anna Roszak-Robinson

    Free your soles is PERFECT :)

  • Debbie Bashford

    Get Strapped in for Spring

  • Denise

    Free Your Sole :)