Socks are always a solid investment. You can never have too many pairs.. or too many patterns. At least in our humble opinion.

They’re also fun way to beat the winter blues – It’s just easier to ease into winter boots with funky patterns on your toes.


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Stripes on Stripes 



Neon Rainbow



Galaxy Blast 


  • ToCo

    Neon Rainbow!

  • jemrah

    can’t go wrong with stripes!

  • Vicky

    Neon rainbow!

  • Andrea Alexander

    Stripes on stripes!

  • lisa

    Galaxy blast

  • Rust

    I like the stripes on stripes!

  • calioop13

    I love the stripe on stripes socks with the blue shades.

  • JoKing

    love Galaxy Blast .

  • Jay Nelson

    I love the neon rainbow from skechers. Great shoes and great socks.

  • TigerLil8x8

    My favourites are the HOT SOX Women’s BURGER FRIES & DRINK Black printed socks Item ID: HO000827-CBLACK Colour: Black.
    BURGER FRIES & DRINK socks would be perfect for a 1950’s theme party.
    HOT SOX from the Sock Shop to wear to the Sock Hop or the Soda Shop. 🇨🇦

  • Catherine Robichaud

    I love the Women’s CONVERSE black offair striped socks the best.

  • Trinna Walsh

    Galaxy blast 🍀🍀🍀

  • Moe Anderson

    I want the Galaxy Blast

  • selbys

    Love the stripes on stripes – so many choices.

  • nancy fiorenza

    stripe on stripes socks are nice

  • Nicole Ford

    love the gorgeous stripes on stripes they are so pretty

  • CL

    Galaxy blast

  • Heather Howard

    Galaxy Blast are my favorite

  • fossie55

    I love the stripes on stripe socks.
    Florence C

  • shirley li

    galaxy blast! (:

  • Candace Galan

    I love the galaxy blast!

  • Brenda Penton

    Galaxy Blast

  • William Stewart

    Galaxy Blast!

  • Cherlee

    Women’s Converse Black Offair striped socks are my favourite

  • ksceviour

    Love the Galaxy Blast!

  • Taylor

    I absolute love these neon rainbow socks, #softmocs. Thanks for the chance

  • Janet Meisner

    I really like the stripes on stripes.

  • dmhaen

    Love the Galaxy Blast!

  • Jessica Chan

    I like Stripes on Stripes.

  • ek03yr

    Stripes on Stripes

  • luisa

    Love the neon rainbow socks