Style It Your Way: Athleisure

Athleisure… One of those nonsensical words that just describes what it is, to a T. Athletic wear that doubles as a casual outfit. The trend exploded in 2014, right around the time that we started seeing people sport yoga pants – everywhere. It’s not hard to see why – after all, people just want to be, well.. comfortable. And athleisure kind of gives us that option. You can dress it up, or down, and stay deliciously cozy either way.

We’ve put together three ways to rock one Skechers GoWalk Slip On (hello, budget)

See ’em below: 

Athleisure   Polyvore


Summer Blues – Dress it up on top, but keep your feet cozy in Skechers GoWalk Slip-On’s.

Heather Grey Sport   PolyvoreIt’s All Peachy – Pale peach is very in this summer, and we like it in shorts and a matching T – Keep it casual with Skechers GoWalk Slip-On’s.

Hell No Cardio   Polyvore


Bummin’ It – Who says gym clothes have to be worn to an actual gym? Throw your comfiest sweater over leggings and outfit: complete.


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