When it comes to fashion (and other things), sometimes the details MATTER. 

To some folks it may seem silly to prefer a purse over another, when they are almost identical, but the little differences can make a big difference.

This is particularly true with accessories. 

Check out our hot picks for elevating your outfit.


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Heys Laser Dot Black Backpack – where do we start? The fine tuned perforated holes, light gold hardware and leather drawstring. Perfection.





A scarf can take an “allright” outfit to “stellar”. We love the vibrant and intricate look of Fraas scarves, particularly Simple Transition pink ombre , Paradise Lost Tropical & the more understated Paradise Lost Tropical floral print. 




Wild sock prints are having a moment. We love Hot Sox surfboard and lifeguard design. Because, you’ll always be beach ready.


  • sweetkeet

    I just LOOOOVE socks like the ones pictured here (I’ve seen the lifeguard pair). Then come the handbags.

  • Rachel

    I love all three of those scarves!

  • Sarahj

    I love the women’s kitten socks!

  • Ming Kwang

    My favourite is the Simple Transition pink ombre scarf

  • C L. Chin

    I like the details on the backpack, so handy to carry all my stuff!

  • Ann Kieswetter

    The Heys Laser Dot Black Backpack

  • http://thecanadianbeautybug.blogspot.ca/ TheCanadianBeautyBug

    Love the Heys Laser Dot Black Backpack with the perforated holes. I so need a backpack.

  • ToCo

    Love the perforated holes of the backpack! Definitely an eye catching detail!

  • Bonny MacIsaac

    Love the color of the lining in the Heys Laser Dot Black Backpack and the peforated holes. Very nice details.

  • Taylor

    Heys Laser Dot Black Backpack is my favourite. I love the perforated holes.

  • Rust

    Love the Heys Laser Dot Black Backpack …and the brightly colored socks!

  • Em Vee

    The Heys Laser Dot Black Backpack. I love bags! I can’t get enough of bags!

  • Anna Roszak-Robinson

    Love the pretty scarf

  • Linda

    Love the wild sock prints!! The surf board & lifeguards are awesome!!!!!!! :)

  • jemrah

    i love wearing wild socks :)

  • Jacqueline Man

    Love the Fraas scarvese specifically Paradise Lost Tropical

  • Michelle

    I love my Converse shoes blinged by Tricked Kicks @Tricked_Kicks

  • alongcamemary1

    Love pastel infinity scarfs , matching earrings to my shoes and a thin white leather belt with a small buckle , live to mix & match & accesorize ! (: love the Fraas scarfs !! ❤️

  • Taylor

    The wild socks are really cool!!!!

  • Mandy

    I like the Fraas scarves! I totally forgot about the infinity scarf look until seeing this article. Thanks!