Spotted: The Pack Is Back!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now but, we just love saying it.. THE PACK is BACK! The great thing about backpacks is their roominess and ease of use. It’s oh-so-simple to throw everything in and get moving. Let’s not forget that the straps leave you hands-free… for fractions, of course. Or Back To School shopping..

To celebrate BTS season, we’ve put together our favourite packs below:

***BONUS: Tell us the one item that you always have handy in your pack. A Giveaway May Be In Store!

BLOG-4-the-pack-is-backRoots “Blueprint” has your back with it’s spacious and lightweight feel.


Swiss Gear’s purple backpack has padded straps to keep you smiling (& styling) through the halls.


Roots “Quilted Panel” in navy is for all you fashionistas. It has all the perks of a backpack, but mini-sized, with uber-cool tan straps.

28 Comments On This Topic
  1. Andrea (Twitter: @Zac_maniac)
    5 years ago

    I always have a water bottle in my backpack!

  2. Theresa Black
    5 years ago

    Hand Sanitizer is always in my backpack.

  3. jemrah
    5 years ago

    a book to read for pleasure!

  4. lisa bolduc
    5 years ago

    baby wipes, great for when you get in a sticky situation

  5. Marissa
    5 years ago

    A water bottle!

  6. Marissa
    5 years ago

    a water bottle for sure!

  7. Valerie Mallette
    5 years ago

    Facial wipes are always in my backpack.

  8. Elizabeth Power
    5 years ago

    I must have paper, pen, water bottle and a pack of gum

  9. lori b
    5 years ago

    hand sanitizer :)

  10. Cheryl H
    5 years ago

    I always have hand sanitizer handy

  11. Emily cocarell
    5 years ago

    bandaids and lipgloss!

  12. Branka Stefanovic
    5 years ago

    must have wallet with ID & money at all time

  13. Lori Lewis
    5 years ago

    I always pack a S’well bottle of icy lemon water & lip balm! Thanks for the chance to win SoftMoc!

  14. Cathy Canton
    5 years ago

    My phone but I also always carry a pen and pad to doodle.

  15. Linda
    5 years ago

    Waterbottle & ipod

  16. ivy pluchinsky
    5 years ago

    gotta have hand sanitizer, lip gloss, water, and a book

  17. Darlene Schuller
    5 years ago

    I’ve always had to have tissues. I still do! I have those suckers stuffed and shoved in almost every pocket of anything I own that even has pockets!

  18. Tiffany Shuster
    5 years ago

    Pens and a hair tie!

  19. Nate Fuller
    5 years ago

    I always have my iPod

  20. Fiona Mullins
    5 years ago

    A flashlight!

  21. Jolie
    5 years ago

    I always carry wipes.

  22. naiddia peracha
    5 years ago

    I always have hand sanitizer.

  23. kristen sowko
    5 years ago

    I always carry my Ipad! :)

  24. EN Donnelly
    5 years ago

    shoes with non-marking soles!

  25. retrophiliac
    5 years ago

    I always have my shuffle pod!

  26. Jen
    5 years ago

    my cell phone!

  27. Sandy
    5 years ago

    Hand sanitizer

  28. Surena
    5 years ago

    I always have a spare phone charger in my bag!