After a late (and surprisingly brutal) winter, we’re in for… wait for it. Double.Digits.

That’s right people, spring is still coming. Better late than never, we say. 

What better way to celebrate than with Spring’s Most Wanted – Sperry Style? 

They’ve come out with some killer new patterns – leopard, raffia, and a glitzy new Firefish.




Raffia Stripe – Breathable mesh with a nautical blue side stripe. Can you smell the ocean?
BLOG-sperry-5 (3)


The Golden FireFish – in a glam linen and gold finish.


BLOG-sperry-2 (3)



Firefish Leopard – guaranteed to spice up any outfit. Rooo-aaa-r.





Bahama 2-Eye – Stay understated, but still elegant. Stone canvas w/ a blue stripe.







  • Anna Roszak-Robinson

    The Golden FireFish

  • Linda

    I like the golden Firefish!

  • @_NATTY_B_

    all aboard!!!

  • Samantha Rudden

    These golden firefish leopard’s are to DIE for! Adorable with a spring/summer dress or jeans! they’re classic Sperry with a twist of sass <3

  • Louise Smith

    Raffia Stripe is my fav

  • Emilia

    The Raffia Stripe I love it

  • RV Hook

    Bahama 2-Eye

  • C L. Chin

    The raffia stripe

  • Rust

    Raffia Stripe

  • Alayne Langford

    I like the Bahama 2 eye!!

  • Em Vee

    i like the Golden FireFish

  • Judy Cowan

    Love the The Golden FireFish!

  • Rachel

    Golden FireFish

  • coach_daves

    Raffia Stripe

  • Taylor

    I love the Raffia Stripe. What a great style