Style It Your Way: Festival Faves

Ahhhh music festivals.. What could be better than a giant (outdoor) party where it’s not only acceptable to let your freak flag fly, but encouraged?

Bonnaroo is right around the corner and by now, you truly die-hard festies already scored your ticket… the last thing left to do is: Find.Something.To.Wear.

Festival outfits are like a really great grilled cheese.. they can be thrown together last minute and always do the job. But, once you have that just-right, perfectly gooey cheese, melted with the bread still crunchy, well.. It’s just a whole different experience, no?

The right festival outfit has a few elements to it. You want to be comfortable enough to bust out those dance moves (you know, the ones you’ve been mastering since Coachella), but still undoubtedly trendy. Without looking like you spent more than, say, five minutes getting prepped and just threw on yesterday’s clothes.

We’ve got your fool-proof music festival outfits, on fleek. So you can spend the next month lip-syncing DeadMau and jamming Mumford & Sons.

**ENCORE ALERT In true peace-loving fashion, we’re giving away a crossbody to a lucky reader. To enter, simply like the blog post & vote on your favorite outfit (using the description) in the comment section below. Rock on. Note: Do not vote “Crossbody”, that’s just a preview of the prize!

Unisex 550 SERIES tan pull on boots   UK SIZING   Polyvore

I’m With The Band – You’re a true, die-hard fan and would walk on water for these bands. Which means a LOT of fest-hopping. Solution? Blundstone’s Unisex “550” Boots, weather proof for the girl (or guy) on the go.

Women s ARIZONA black 2 strap sandals   Polyvore

Hippie – You live in sandals and comfortable, wild and free are your go-to words. Enter, Birkenstock’s Original “Arizona”, because why mess with perfection?

Women s ORIGINAL ADJUSTABLE SHORT blk rain boot   Polyvore

Cut-Off Queen – You love the fray, whether it comes in a crop top or jean shorts. For you, we have the “Hunter” Original. In a shorter style, of course.

Women s 137597 cork moose fringe bootie moccasins   Polyvore

Earth Goddess – Neutral is your middle name, from your head down to your boots. SoftMoc’s “Fringe” Bootie has the best of both worlds, fringed in a light tan colour.

Women s CT ALL STAR SEASONAL purple hi tops   Polyvore

Flower Power – You always come out smelling like roses, floral cover-ups, flower printed shorts… all of the above. The Seasonal “All Star” Converse high tops have your name written all over ‘em.



The Crossbody – did you think we’d forget the most important accessory of them all? The Roots “North/South” Crossbody boasts multiple zippered compartments for all of your “keep handy” items. Co-Lab’s “Cobalt” crossbody is bright enough to spot in crowd, and smaller in case you like to travel light.

7 Comments On This Topic
  1. Jacqueline Man
    6 years ago

    I’m a Flower Power girl!

  2. Natalie
    6 years ago

    I never thought I’d love this but the Hippie is absolutely fantastic! Love that style!

  3. Michelle W
    6 years ago

    I’m with the Band

  4. naiddia peracha
    6 years ago

    Flower power

  5. Selma
    6 years ago

    I’m with the band!

  6. Andrea Lee
    6 years ago

    Flower Power

  7. Cara Woo
    6 years ago

    My favorite festival outfit is Flower Power! I just bought a pair of All Star Canvas Lux shoes and I love them! Great outfit ideas!