Summer just got HOTTER. 

Birkenstock has seriously stepped up their style game and we are loving it!

Style Inspo below: 

**BONUS Tell us your fav look for the chance to score a freebie.



White Hot 

White Gizeh (2)


Prints are Pretty 

Printed Leaf


Casually Cool 

Black Arizona

  • Julie Nicholls

    I love the sandals.

  • ameirah taha

    White hot is white hot! My kind of classic cool look!!! Love it thanks! Love Birks!

  • Susan Kramer

    I love the casually cool

  • ToCo

    Casually cool! Less is more in this case! Love to keep cool as a cucumber :)

  • soniap

    Prints are pretty and the Birks sandal is a beautiful color.

  • Kris Johnston

    I love the prints are pretty.

  • susanhanley

    Prints are pretty but I like Casually Cool best.

  • Vicky

    Casually cool

  • Joni W

    i like the white hot

  • sue

    Casually Cool looks good

  • Barbara Riffe

    Casual Cool is my favorite look

  • Wanda Tracey

    My favorite Birkenstock sandals are the Women’s FLORIDA SF tropical leaf sandal!!
    They are so pretty and would be cool comfort for summer.
    Thanks for the chance to win. <3 :)

  • Debbie White-Beattie

    I like 1 and 3 but my final choice is White Hot because it looks cool, comfortable and classic

  • Andrea Lamont

    Casual Cool all the way! Love my #Birks! Thanks for the chance!

  • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    Casual Cool with this heat in Florida!🌞🌴 They are all beautiful!

  • Leah Leitch

    White hot!

  • Vivian Dionne

    I love the white hot look, it is so crisp and clean.

  • fallgirl

    Love the white, hot look.

  • Tracy Heyer

    Casually cool is my favorite

  • Monique Shuell

    I like Prints are Pretty.

  • Melanie

    It’s so hard to choose one! The blue Birks are awesome though (“prints are pretty” :)
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Eileen Krueger

    I like the prints.

  • Charlene Lucas

    Prints are Pretty is my fav! I could wear this anywhere.

  • Catherine Robichaud

    My favourite us Casually Cool. Love Birkenstocks!

  • Nica

    My favourite is the casual. I ❤️ Berkinstocks. I would also pair a solid coloured shoe orange, or blue maybe with a pair of white capris; and a long flowy tank (with orange or blue accent colours). Add some white sunglasses and a sun hat and your ready for a casual day at the beach! ☀️ #FriYAY

  • TigerLil8x8

    I like the white hot look because the coat looks like a bathrobe & the Birkenstock Slides look like slippers.

  • fossie55

    Prints are pretty. Love them.
    Florence C

  • Cherlee

    I prefer White Hot

  • JI

    Prints are Pretty

  • benitoz

    prints are pretty

  • toni v

    digging the Casually Cool black birks!

  • Christine DaSilva

    Wow to chose just one is SO hard! But I do love the White hot!!

  • JIM

    Prints are pretty!

  • Sharon Cosby

    Prints Prints Prints are Pretty!!!

  • calioop13

    Prints are pretty would be my choice. I love aqua.

  • vjhill

    Casual cool hands down

  • Searle1966

    I would love the Prints are Pretty for work and the Casual Cool for everything else!

  • shirley li

    love Casually Cool (:

  • Jennifer C.

    Prints are Pretty! :)

  • Julie-Lynne McCann

    My fave is “White Hot” this would be an honour to win…my birthday is coming up and I have been eyeing a pair of Birks in PINK! @Softmoc

  • gwennyk

    I like prints are pretty, too!

  • Wendy Jensen

    I like the Prints are Pretty.

  • Tracy Shafer

    Prints are pretty

  • Susan Pike

    I like the Casually Cool look!

  • Rachel

    Casually Cool is my favourite look for summer

  • janicour

    Prints are pretty is my favourite. I love the blue sandals

  • Birdie Trafford

    So love the prints are pretty look , would be a great look to have for my Caribbean Cruise when were at ports !

  • batye1

    Casual Cool is my favorite look

  • Debbie Bashford

    I really like the white hot look ‪#‎FriYAY‬

  • JoKing

    Casually Cool!

  • denisesnyder

    Prints are pretty, but love them all!

  • Susanne McCarthy

    Casually Cool suits me perfectly!

  • Lindsay O

    Prints are pretty, indeed! My favourite look for sure!

  • Ann Kieswetter

    Fave look is Prints are Pretty!

  • Nicolthe pickle

    I like the White hot look.

  • janette Claire

    Going for the casually cool look! Picked up a cool pair of Magic Galaxy Black Birkenstock at SoftMoc and can’t stop wearing them!

  • Tiffany C

    Prints are pretty for sure! Love the pops of color and the blue reminds me of the beaches and tropics of summer!

  • Dave Little

    I love the white hot look

  • Dave Little

    White Hot

  • Dave Little

    I love White Hot look

  • Tammy M

    I love the prints are pretty look!

  • Corry Lehmann

    I absolutely LOVE the prints are pretty look!

  • 12carebear

    I am loving the Casually cool look for sure .

  • usnamom2014

    Casually cool look

  • Andrea Alexander

    Casually cool!

  • fossie55

    Prints are pretty.
    Florence C

  • luisa

    White hot

  • Nicole Ford

    prints are pretty

  • Stacy Scott

    Casual cool… But that washard to pick just 1……

  • Terri Baker

    Prints are Pretty. The perfect summer outfit

  • baker7

    white hot

  • Alayne Langford

    I am in love with Prints are Pretty!!

  • Just me

    Casual cool for me.

  • sibley_h

    Casually Cool

  • Hardtool

    I’ m in love with the White Hot look!

  • lovestotravel29

    Prints are Pretty gets my vote

  • Angela September

    prints are pretty!

  • batye1

    Casually Cool is my favourite look for summer

  • nancy fiorenza

    casually cool

  • Jenn E

    My favourite is the Casually Cool look.

  • lisa

    Prints are pretty!

  • ek03yr

    Casually cool!

  • Brenda Penton

    I like Casually Cool

  • selbys

    Casually Cool

  • lisa bolduc

    Loving the prints are cool one

  • Debbie S.

    Casualy cool! That purse!!!

  • Tricia Cooper

    Prints are Pretty!

  • sara

    I love the casually is awesome

  • Candace Galan

    My favorite look is casually cool!

  • Heather Howard

    Prints Are Pretty! Love the color!

  • karla

    I live the casually cool outft!

  • Debbie Burke Garretson

    Casually Cool outfit

  • onyiakpanisi

    I love the white pants and print shirt.

  • Sarah Alexis

    Casually Cool is my favourite look!

  • Teresa Valvano

    Definitely White Hot is my favourite look!

  • Maria C.

    Prints are Pretty for me.

  • Naomi Sando

    love the white hot look, very fashion forward