Are you Summer Pedi Ready?

It’s almost time to break out your favourite peep toes, flippy flops and beach tote – which means your feet need to be in tip top shape.

No worries, we’ve got the summeriest shades for the season. So your feet can be on fleek.


**BONUS** Tell us your favourite summer activity for the chance to win a freebie!



Open Toe Sandals + polish are a no-brainer. For summer we love the Franco Sarto Hachi dress sandal, paired with the perfect shimmery pink. 





Get Your Summer Blues in with a pop of turquoise &  Birkenstock’s shiney cream Arizona’s. Oh la la!




Nude is definitely not underrated – keep your toes neutral and rock the Ipanema Paraiso in black & green or white & pink. 


  • Barbara Riffe

    i would love the Birkenstocks this weekend to wear to the local county fair.

  • tom sides

    love camping

  • angela mitchell

    I love going to all the summer festivals. My favourite is my local Sunshine Music Fest.

  • chris conanan

    i love going hiking

  • Glenys Little

    Those Birkenstocks are so pretty! My favourite Summer activity is going to the lake – swimming and having a picnic in the sun.

  • Diana Pringle

    Wow, would go for Birkenstocks and turquoise!! Summer activity is going camping!!!

  • lisa penney

    I live to lounge by the pool or under some trees (with a great book!) whenever I can! Would love to do it in some sweet new sandals!

  • ToCo

    Love this time of year! Hitting the beaches is the best!

  • Alayne Langford

    I would love to wear your creamy Arizona Birkenstocks with turquoise polish at the Beach!

  • Ming Kwang

    Favourite summer activity is strolling by the beach

  • dmhaen

    Love the Birkenstock & turquoise combo! Love taking beach walks in the summer!

  • Kathleen Smalling

    My favorite Summer activity is getting together with my neighbors for cookouts and sitting on the porch and drinking iced tea and lemonade!

  • baker7

    boating all summer

  • terry villeneuve

    Favourite summer activity, yoga in the park!!!!!

  • Jennifer P.

    I’m not Summer Pedi Ready yet, but I will be soon! My favourite summer activity is going to the beach – it’s my happy place!

  • Debbie Bashford

    love to go sailing or water skiing love the summer blues! and am almost summer pedi ready

  • selbys

    I am summer ready, the flip-flops have already been out.

  • Jacqueline Irwin

    I love running outdoors in the summer! Ahhh warmth and no ice in sight! 😀

  • Searle1966

    Not yet but soon! I love barbeques and music festivals. Really loving those summer blues!

  • Cathy Brown

    I love kayaking on the lake.

  • Shirley

    Fishing and beach volleyball

  • Just me

    I really enjoy BBQing for my family and hiking in the woods during the summer.

  • Wendy Jensen

    My favorite summer activity is hiking or taking a walk.

  • Elaine

    Walking , love those summer blues

  • Kim DeCoset

    Swimming is my favourite

  • Janet Meisner

    My favorite activity is swimming.

  • JIM

    Sitting on the deck in the evening with my hubby

  • Trisha Karvinen

    fav summer activity is eating ice cream with my kids!

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    my fave are the summer blues.
    My fave summer activity is swimming.

  • Christine Holliday


  • Cindy Malon

    Anything as long as I’m outside. Going to the lake this weekend!

  • Steven

    My wife and I love spending time together! It’s the lake this weekend with family and friends!

  • Jessica Chan

    My favorite summer activities are running and swimming.

  • Kathy Clark

    The turquoise & Birkenstock’s shiny cream Arizona’s is awesome. My favourite summer activity is working my garden. It is very satisfying to grow my own fruits & vegetable that are truly organic.

  • Melissa Black

    My favorite summer activity is camping and swimming. Preferably at the same time ❤️

  • Margaret H

    I love to be in or on the water!

  • Carol ONeil

    I love going for long walks.

  • Marlo

    I love reading under a tree on a sunny day

  • shirley li

    i love hosting family picnics in the park (:

  • disqus_MjzsQJgrkw

    cycling local trails

  • Carolyn Wilman

    I love putzing in the garden

  • ShannonAnne23

    I love hiking

  • Lerb

    Walking along our seawall with the ever present possibility of some wildlife viewing!

  • karla

    I love going for nice summer hikes

  • Jenn E

    My favorite summer activity is going on road trips.

  • jamie lynn

    BBq and going to the beach

  • Andrew Fenton

    Mountain biking

  • Luisa

    I enjoy bike riding in the summer

  • Annie

    Hiking the trails and then a BBQ after!

  • EmilyAnn Dem

    swimming in the lake is my favourite summer activity

  • Eileen Krueger

    I love to cycling in town.

  • C L. Chin

    Walking by the Harbourfront and taking my son to the park.

  • Brenda Penton

    I like walking or hiking

  • VioletS

    I love going on long walks with my daughters and even hiking our local trails at the Royal Botanical Gardens

  • janicour

    Hiking and the beach!!!

  • karla

    Love hiking and going on new adventures

  • nicolthepickle

    We love going to the splash park.

  • Joanne Donaldson Frank

    enjoy swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand with my grandson

  • G.e. Anema

    Gardening, no wait – camping!

  • ameirah taha

    Gardening in my birks!!!

  • Kristy Reid

    My favourite summer activity is going to the beach/swimming with my kids.

  • sibley_h

    I love walking my dog.

  • Leslie Ho

    Hiking on the local trails!

  • Shara W

    I’m just happy to be outside! I love summer.

  • Maryhelen Toal

    A good book..outside…with a cool drink!