This Just In: Get Your Style Education

It’s almost that time… BACK TO SCHOOL time, that is. Are you ready for a complete Style Education? A new year means a fresh start, and to help you get off on the right foot, we’ve got your Style 101, courtesy of SoftMoc’s Annual Back To School Flyer.

P.S. Tell us your favourite class (now or then) & why for an EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY!















  • Lee-Ann Sleegers

    Tie for Recess and Make an Impression!

  • Catharine Morgan

    I loved Math. It was like a puzzle.

  • aliasmith06

    Love English class. I truly enjoyed getting lost in all of those classic novels.

  • Jacqueline Burvill

    My favorite class was photography!

  • Jeannie

    I like the Recess Style!!

  • Victoria Timmins

    English class was always my fave. I love creative writing and its process, as well as writing g essays. The research was my favourite part because I love to find new and interesting facts about things that will stick with you for life.

  • Nicole Wc

    I always liked geography, I have a lust for travel.

  • Zsuzsanna Regoczi

    Statistics, because it is so delightfully complicated

  • ameirah taha

    art &;photography because i love to create & be inspired!!

  • C L. Chin

    My fave class was film class because after watching the films you would learn about and analyze the topics discussed in each movie.

  • Carolyn M

    Art Class! The only class that didn’t totally stress me out :-)


    I always like geography, learned about some places that I did get to visit

  • El Lum

    Math…everything adds up!

  • jennifer stuart

    History or English or Art

  • hoozat

    Science because it lets you understand why things work

  • Poonam

    My favorite class was math! It always made sense to me so it was exciting everytime I learned something new!

  • Christine DaSilva

    English was always a favourite

  • Marlene

    Geography was my favourite. Was fun learning all the different countries, rivers, mountains etc.

  • Jennifer

    I loved French class, I could get really creative and get away with my bad grammar!

  • Helene Keuker

    English was my favourite, because it was easy.

  • beth

    i enjoyed French class

  • Party Elle

    History – because the prof made it interesting!

  • Anah Mirza

    I always loved English. It taught me to feel and to see the world for what it is, even if I can’t see that at first. I’m not pursuing the subject now but I carry what I learnt from it, even today.

  • Sharron Johnston

    I was always a Keep Your Cool kind of a student. I enjoyed Math because of the challenge for me but English was always my best subject 😀 Thank you for a generous #BackToSchool #StyleEducation #Giveaway! Liked/Shared/Tweeted @nana_sharron/SharronJohnston

  • Monica Hall

    Drama because it was so fun

  • shirley li

    i love art because it encourages creativity (:

  • Brenda Penton

    English was my favourite

  • Olga Petrik

    It was a tie between Art Class and English Class, I loved the creativity and the power of words – that passion carried on to University with a double Honours BA in Art History and English Literature!

  • KellyPC


  • Andrea m

    I love P.E. because it’s the most active class & being outside!

  • Sharonne Katz

    Math because I was awesome at it and it makes sense.

  • Robert Urbach

    Geography…it is interesting to learn about different places.

  • TheCanadianBeautyBug

    Math – money talks

  • Caroline

    English – I loved all the stories, the grammar, and practicing my writing skills.

  • Tammy Dalley

    I loved history I loved learning about things from long ago

  • Hailey’s Workshop

    English classes! I love reading, learning about authors, and writing my own pieces, I’m currently getting my BA in English :)

  • Laura

    I like music class because it was easy and I enjoyed playing in the band (:

  • chris

    I always loved History classes!! I even majored in Classical History :)

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    My fave class was my first kindergarten class, I was scared and nervous but my students inspired me.