Winter Essentials

Dressing for winter can sometimes feel a little.. repetitive. 

It’s easy to get in a cold-weather slump, especially when there’s a neverending pile of snow outside your front door.

It’s time to get creative ladies. Layering and socks are key – work it.


**Tell us how you would rock the shoes below and a cozy freebie may be in store. 


For snowy slush days – Sperry’s Waterproof Saltwater Core Boots



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To keep you upright – Foamtreads Amelia Slippers in purple.




Because it will come – we promise. Birkenstock Arizona’s in Copper. 




A closet staple, winter or not – Shop the Denhali or Kesey 



A girl’s gotta have some fuzz – Shop Merrell’s Sonata Boot



How else to carry around the essentials? –  The Folly Multi-Coloured Tote by Co-Lab





  • M Bernice Larkam

    The Merrell’s Sonata Boots would be so perfect for Carolling! Tis The Season! Happy Holidays!

  • Larker

    Denhali or Kesey Ankle boots are great for winter.

  • Deborah Chan

    I’d rock the Birkenstock Arizona in my house until Spring rolls around then it will be rockin’ outside.

  • Dar

    Merrell Sonata Boots would be rocked daily as I trek to work! Thanks for the chance

  • Lani

    Love those Sperry waterproof boots! Would pair those with anything.

  • Alison Braidwood

    I’d rock the Sonata boot with my down stadium coat and some fuzzy earmuffs.

  • luisa

    Love the Amelia slippers. I would rock them with a cute onesie PJ, a pompom hat and cabin socks

  • Rachel

    I would rock those boots on the daily! Jeans, great socks, tights, great socks..

  • Stephanie (@steph_xoxo10)

    I would rock the ankle boots on a night out with some friends!!

  • Fiona Mullins

    I would rock the ankle boot strolling around downtown shopping!

  • Wanda Bergman

    I would prance out on a cozy date with my main man and be totally rocking my Soft Mocs!

  • lisa penney

    I’d rock those saltw7ater cores all over the place this winter!

  • Em

    oooohhh those Merrell’s Sonata Boot are cute!!

  • sunshynejo

    Those comfy & warm Merrell’s Sonata Boot would definitely help out during the cold winter days working on the acreage.

  • LoveVWBugs

    So comfy. I’d wear them all.

  • StephanieWarthe

    I’d pair the Denhali lodge hiker sport boots with the Hunter stitch cable socks:

    Trendy, cozy, and comfortable! Fingers crossed! :)

  • Loha T

    I would rock those Kesey Ankle Boots for a day out with my
    friends in the mild winter weather! They would go perfect with a nice knitted sweater, infinity scarf,
    black parka, blue skinny jeans, and then some cabin socks! I can already
    imagine how well that would all look together! Both stylish & chic!

  • mimishumblepieamy

    I love the Foamtreads Amelia Slippers in Purple

  • Leslie Ho

    The Sperry’s Waterproof Saltwater Core Boots will do perfectly for yard duty on my school playground.

  • Harvinderks

    I would totatlly love to own the Denhali or Kesey Ankle boots as they are so cute and go with my style.

  • KellyPC

    I love Merrell’s Sonata Boot!

  • KellyPC

    I love Merrell’s Sonata Boot, would work great with skinny jeans!

  • Christina Leek

    Love the sonata boot! I’d rock it everyday!

  • Rebecca H.

    Sperry’s Waterproof Saltwater Core Boots look awesome!

  • ann w

    Love Foamtread Slippers. I’m onto my 3rd pair and love all the styles

  • Elizabeth

    Those Ugg Ankle boots are adorable! I would totally rock them with a great pair of black tights, red dress and blazer. Stylish and practical!

  • Susan T.

    I would rock those copper Birkenstock Arizonas with skinny jeans and a big wooly sweater! Spring is close right? 😉

  • Janessa Erin

    I already have the Sperry Waterproof boots and I LOVE THEM! Wearing sperry’s all year round is definitely my look. Have to keep it Nautical when I head over to Nova Scotia this Christmas!

  • Annette Chai

    Sperry’s Waterproof Boots … I love to go for long walks everywhere, and I hate cold wet socks.

  • Patrick Siu

    I would rock them with a goose jacket

  • garfan

    I would rock the birkenstocks with red and green striped socks

  • El Lum

    the Uggs with wool socks, dark jeans, a lumberjack shirt, an ax is optional

  • lori b

    I like layers and being comfortable.being on the west aka wet coast I could use a nice pair of warm rubber boots

  • Party Elle

    I love the sonata – perfect for ice fishing!

  • M Bernice Larkam

    Merrell’s Sonata Boots with Roots Canada Socks – perfect!

  • Heather

    I would rock the Birkenstocks with a fresh pedicure! Somedays socks are over-rated! I asked for some for Christmas…I think hubby thought I was speaking a foreign language! Fingers crossed! :)

  • Lisa VanBekkum

    I would totally rock your Sperry’s Waterproof Saltwater Core Boots whether it be with me splashing through the puddles while singing in the rain or me sailing down the snow covered hills in my tobaggon!! I could pair them with a chic raincoat or a festive sweater, either way I chose I promise I’d Rock them to the max. Thank you SoftMoc Shoes for a chance to keep my feet cozy with the very best!!

  • disqus_TiF89YSMsu

    I’d rock the perry’s Waterproof Saltwater Core Boots on a winter hike with my family. They’d keep my feet warm and dry.

  • pinksuzanne

    I would rock the Sperry’s with cute socks. The Merrell’s I would put my naked pedicured toes in all by themselves. The foamtreads would definitely be paired with my Lazypants. The ankle boot would be paired with my skinny jeans. The Birkenstocks I would wear with a great nail polish and well groomed feet.

  • laroyal06

    I would wear the Merrell’s Sonata Boot with cuddlduds athletic layers in purple, a black puffy vest, multi colored scarf, and coal colored beanie.

  • LoveVWBugs

    I live the waterproof Sperry Saltwater Core boots. I can really use them after all the flooding we had in South Carolina this fall.

  • Alicia Marie

    I would rock the Merrell’s Sonata Boot everyday to work in Calgary!!

  • Sunshine g

    I’d rock the Sonata Boots with winter socks and a sled to trek up and down the hill!

  • blessedta

    wtih jeans

  • Courtney

    Those Merrell Sonata Boots would look so great on my feet!

  • Jenny

    I would rock the DENHALI boots with skinny jeans, a black jacket, and a white beanie!

  • DC

    I would rock the Merrell’s Sonata Boot by wearing it wherever I go…a wedding, the mall, or work. Not only would they keep my feet warm, I would easy rock these shoes.

  • KC

    I would rock the Sperry’s Waterproof Saltwater Core Boots everyday, stompin my way though the slushy streets with no fear of getting wet socks