Dress It Up: Boho Vibes

Dressing for a fest.. some might call it bohemian, others flash back to their hippie period, where cut-off shorts and bare feet was the“jean skirt and tank top nineties uniform” of the 70’s. Whatever the phrase brings to mind, the style is being rocked everywhere, from concerts to brunches, to casual get-togethers.

We’ve been seeing a sophisticated twist on classic boho outfits, taking the look up a notch.

**Pick your favourite style below, tell us in the comment section and there just might be a freebie in it for you**

SoftMoc Boho DEBRA II HI CHES   Polyvore (2)

Tailored in Tan – You love this neutral and rock it with other whimsical shades, and usually a flower print peeking out from somewhere. SoftMoc’s “Debra” copper suede Moccasins are comfortably on-trend. Complete the look with Heys “Leather in Camel” East West Tote.

SoftMoc Boho R4181 TPE   Polyvore (2)

Dreamy in Cream – A comfortable layered dress is your go-to outfit, and you favour the calming neutral tones of white (eggshell, cream, you love it all) Finish the look with a crossbody like the Roots “Taupe” 3 Compartment above. Shake up the norm with Aerosoles “Chlothesline” Gold Lizard Print Sandals.

SoftMoc Boho NINA TN   Polyvore (2)

Spiced in Burgundy – Your typical evening involves loud beats, spicy food and a dancing partner (or two). To keep your feet on the ground, try SoftMoc’s “Nina” tan huarache sandals with a Roots “Wine” wristlet.

14 Comments On This Topic
  1. M Bernice Larkam
    5 years ago

    Dreamy in Cream is perfect for me!

  2. Kirsten Markevich
    5 years ago

    Tailored in Tan is my favourite. I love the whole look…. I can never get enough fringe!!!!!! <3

  3. Natalie
    5 years ago

    Love the Dreamy in Cream – I’d totally wear that!!!

  4. margaretimecs
    5 years ago

    I love the Tailored in Tan, very pretty!

  5. Em Vee
    5 years ago

    oh I looooove the Dreamy in Cream outfit. it’s perfect!

  6. bevsayers
    5 years ago

    Spiced in Burgandy for me!

  7. Marlo
    5 years ago

    I like both the Dreamy in Cream and Spiced in Burgundy – especially the “Chlothesline” Gold Lizard Print Sandals.

  8. Cara Woo
    5 years ago

    Dreamy in cream is my favorite style! Cute sandals!

  9. Elizabeth V
    5 years ago

    Love Spiced in Burgundy.

  10. annet
    5 years ago

    Loving the Spiced in Burgundy! Gorgeous!

  11. JusticeSadie
    5 years ago

    Love Spiced in Burgundy

  12. TheCanadianBeautyBug
    5 years ago

    Tailored in Tan :)

  13. Michelle Lee
    5 years ago

    I’m really liking spiced in burgundy!

  14. Rosalind Ng
    5 years ago

    tailored in tan looks comfy yet chic