You know what we’re talking about. The weather is warming, hemlines are shorter and Spotify playlists are on Repeat.

FESTIVAL FEVER is in the air.

We got you covered, from head to toe.

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9 Comments On This Topic
  1. Rachel
    5 years ago

    My best festival that I went to was long ago. Saw The Tragically Hip. Great day.

  2. coffee08
    5 years ago

    best time 1973 Watkins Glen Summer Jam in the rain!

  3. Pauline
    5 years ago

    Those are the most adoreable Festival Shoes, of which I have the fringe purse to match! My best Festival was SquamishFest…if which I invited a blind date for the first night…it was a disaster and luckily he got a call from his landlord that his place was being flooded!! I was saved through this disaster #SoftMoc

  4. Kimmi Melnychuk
    5 years ago

    Best festival lollapalooza I have not been in a long time, but always had amazing line up and multiple stages.

  5. Sarahj
    5 years ago

    My best festival was at the Folk Fest in Edmonton with my sister. We saw Van Morrison sing.

  6. ToCo
    5 years ago

    Classic Rock Weekend with two other couples! Best 3 days ever! Just thinking about it makes me smile!

  7. Samantha Rudden
    5 years ago

    RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa, Ontario each summer is my favourite memory. Two weeks of all sorts of genres of music, I love it! You get the best of all worlds, and get to learn a bunch of new artists in the process – epic experience!!

  8. CC
    5 years ago

    Best festival I’ve been to was in West Vancouver 2009 with headliners Sheryl Crow, Neil Young and Sarah McLachlan

  9. Colleen C
    5 years ago

    I have never been to a festival – but one of my best concert experiences was Pink Floyd at the Exhibition Stadium. I had never been to a concert with such amazing sound before.

    They did something that I had never seen before – we were surrounded by speakers. Not only were there speakers at the front of the stage and in the middle of the field (which was a common setup) but there were speakers at the center back and on the top left and top right of the field all facing into the stadium.

    I was lucky enough to have seats in the middle of the field. We were level with the sound team – which is always the best place to be.

    They started the concert with Division Bell. The bells started ringing in front of us, then they were behind us then off the the two sides. We were bathing in sound. I had no idea an experience like that was even possible.

    It was an incredible experience. One I will never forget – and likely never duplicate!