It’s All About MOM

Definition of a Mother:

One person who does the work of twenty. For free.


It’s almost upon us, the day everyone attempts to show mom’s how much they’re appreciated. The day we pay her back for thousands of laundry loads, dinners prepped, panicked phone conversations usually starting with “What Do I Doooo?!”

There’s nothing like a Mom. Who else will drive fifty miles to drop off a cup of soup after telling her you “feel like you’re coming down with a cold… maybe”. Maybe it turned out to be just allergies. But she wasn’t taking any chances.

And make no mistake, this day is for all the surrogate moms out there too.. role models, aunties, anyone we look up to that makes this life easier to navigate. So on this one day out of the year, it is all about MOM.

We all know she deserves way more than 24 hours butttt that shouldn’t stop us from making that day mega-special and stress free. To make your gifting easy, we pulled the best items from our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Pick your treat:

**Tell us your favorite #MomMoments in the comment section below. One person will receive a SoftMoc Giftcard!


Lifetime Comfort“Birkenstock’s” are known for their “walking on air” feel, and will last way longer than that card that you give along with it.


An Excuse To Play – Because mom’s need a little coaxing to relax. Make it easy with Skechers “Sweetpea” skimmers. For the sweetest pea in your life, literally.


Nautical Blues – We highly recommend tickets to a boat cruise along with this but Keds “Champion” Oxfords in navy and white are a close substitute.




A Reason To Get A Pedi – Give mom an excuse to primp with “Clarks” new Sandal collection.



Anything She Wants – The winner, the foolproof giftcard. Let her pick her favorites (size, colour, you name it)

22 Comments On This Topic
  1. Jacqueline Man
    6 years ago

    My #mommoment is when she would leave me a ‘kiss’ on a napkin if she had to leave the home to work :) She deserves “Lifetime Comfort”

  2. Elizabeth
    6 years ago

    My favorite #MomMoments was picking out my wedding dress with her. We talked about when she married my dad, what she wanted in a dress and just got to have some great bonding time. She also bawled when I got my dress, which was really sweet.

  3. Andrea
    6 years ago

    My fav #MomMoment was when she recovered from cancer. She had radiation and her thyroid removed. It was hard on the entire family but to see her smile when she found out she was cancer free was priceless. Happiest day in our entire families life!

  4. Jeannie
    6 years ago

    My favourite #MomMoment: Her teaching me how to make her famous Rosette cookies! We spent the whole afternoon in her kitchen where we laughed, made a mess and made delicious cookies. My kids now gets to enjoy her cookies because of that very moment!

  5. blessedta
    6 years ago

    My favourite was shopping for my wedding dress #MomMoments

  6. Christa Robertson
    6 years ago

    Favorite #MomMoment…..Well that’s a toss up betweem my wedding day when she was my MOH and the day I saw her walk again after suffering through an aquired brain injury……Because to me that was a miracle!! ❤️

  7. Selma
    6 years ago

    My favourite #mommoments is spending time baking together

  8. Caila Seeley Stevens
    6 years ago

    I know my mom’s favourite funny #MomMoment was when I was really little and she was vacuuming and moving out furniture, she found clumps of my hair underneath. Apparently I would cut pieces of my hair myself and hide it under furniture. She was surprised but thought it was funny.

  9. anita
    6 years ago

    My favourite #MomMoment was when we were tucked up in bed, Mom would sit on her rocking chair every night, and read story books until we fell asleep.

  10. manuelvizcaya
    6 years ago

    My favourite #MomMoments is when we’re baking.

  11. JIM
    6 years ago

    Favorite #MomMoment is shopping together

  12. Christine DaSilva
    6 years ago

    I would say other then the very first moment when I got to meet my children, I would say favourite #MomMoment is when my daughter and son do something silly and we all laugh together about it.

  13. Darci Paice-Bailey
    6 years ago

    My favorite #mommoment was when my nana would tell me stories about her childhood in Scotland :) I loved hearing about her life.

  14. Wanda Tracey
    6 years ago

    My favorite #MomMoment was when we would pack a picnic and go swimming at the lake for the day!

  15. Andrea Lee
    6 years ago

    My favourite #MomMoments was the few moments before I walked down the aisle, my mom helped me get ready with my dress and earrings, and we prayed together. It was really special and I will always cherish it in my heart.

  16. Elee
    6 years ago

    my favourite #MomMoments is when I was younger and on a trip to Australia as my mom pushed my baby sister in a stroller, she was about to lean up against what she thougth was a rock, turned out to be a Emu, not sure who was more surprised but it still makes us laugh 30 years later

  17. Emilia
    6 years ago

    My #MomMoments is when she covered for me when I forgot to go into work. She was brilliant I didn’t even ask her, she knew to help me, unconditional love.

  18. Janet Butler
    6 years ago

    My favourite #MomMoments are seeing my own amazing mother interact with my toddler – the love between them is crazy!

  19. TY
    6 years ago

    My fave #MomMoments was seeing how proud my mom was of me when I graduated from university. She was crying and just so emotional because she sacrificed so much for me!

  20. Michelle Lee
    6 years ago

    My fave #MomMoments was when we used to talk when she would comb my super knotted hair.

  21. Heidi C.
    6 years ago

    My favourite#MomMoments are our long weekly conversationssations on the phone. We don’t live close to each other so I rely on these chats to inspire me, encourage me, teach me and to make me laugh, all the things that my mom has done for me throughout my life. Now that I am a mom myself, I rely on her as my sounding board and as my rock when times are tough or life is being very challenging. My mom is turning seventy this year and I am becoming acutely aware of how precious my time is with my mom. I definitely celebrate her and send her all my love this Mother’s Day.

  22. StephanieWarthe
    6 years ago

    One of my favourite #MomMoments was when my mom used to write notes for my bagged lunches every day in elementary school. Ranging from a simple “I love you!” to “Hang in there” or “We’re going out for ice cream after school,” her notes reminded me I always had her in my corner. I’m so lucky to have her for my mom, would love to surprise her with an awesome SoftMoc gift card!! Fingers crossed!