Shopping for Father’s Day can be a little trying… Dad’s (at least in our experience) always seem to go with “There’s nothing I really need”

So gift them the shoes they want but don’t know it (yet)

**BONUS Tell us your favourite Dad Moment for the chance to win a freebie.




The Reef Slammed Rover is the ultimate summer flip.




Give him some Dress Loafer swag. We love the B&B Josh in black & cognac and Clarks Touareg Vibe. 



Because Moccasins are perfect for loafing around. Give him an excuse to be lazy…


17 Comments On This Topic
  1. Linda
    5 years ago

    Playing baseball with my Dad in our backyard. So much fun! Of course he always lost.

  2. ameirah taha
    5 years ago

    When I see my girls Dad & her sitting closely & reading or chatting or video games. What ever they do my girl days he is her best buddy ever!!!! Awwww

  3. ToCo
    5 years ago

    It would have to be when he gave me away so to speak at my wedding.

  4. Alayne Langford
    5 years ago

    When my Dad taught my girls how to golf!

  5. C L. Chin
    5 years ago

    my fave Dad moment was seeing him get emotional when we went to China to see my grandmother (his Mom)!

  6. Esther Abel
    5 years ago

    My memorable moment was when my late Dad very ill in hospital yelling at me for visiting him as it was my 1st day of a new job :( He was a hard working Latvian immigrant who instilled work ethic I was speechless Xx🙏

  7. Larissa Calder
    5 years ago

    Fishing with my dad near Sauble Beach when I was a kid

  8. Nicole C
    5 years ago

    Dad showing me how to drive when I was 16 was the highlight, since he was confident that I could do it, and gave me the confidence that I needed at the time

  9. muckymoo
    5 years ago

    My favourite Dad moment was when he held my daughter who was his first grandchild for the first time. His smile was so special.

  10. Casey H
    5 years ago

    My favorite dad moment was when he we went fishing when I was about 10. I cast my first line and of course got it caught in his line. So he freed mine and I fished. He then spent the next 30 minutes untangling his line. haha. I don’t think he caught a fish all day, but it was jsut one of those happy memories that makes you smile to yourself:)

  11. TigerLil8x8
    5 years ago

    My father passed away whenI was 5. I have a vivid memory of my Dad & I having a sausage & rice lunch together when I was 3.

  12. MintaBoggs
    5 years ago

    My daddy is no longer with us! But my husband favorite dad moment was when he took the boys fishing one time and both of the boys caught something and here he was trying to let the fish go back into the lake when he accidentally slipped and got both of the lines got tangled together it was such a site we had boys yelling and fish flopping and it was just too funny! Needless to say he also had a fish on his line in the water. It was a fun filled memory!

  13. Heidi P
    5 years ago

    Fishing with the son & grandaughter – what a fab time

  14. Nicole Leger
    5 years ago

    My dad is no longer with me but my favourite memories involve random road trips to Montreal to pick up camera equipment. We would stop for lunch at our favourite chinese food buffet and then we would stop at future shop to check out all the gadgets!

  15. ShannonAnne23
    5 years ago

    He taught me how to fish and took me on fishing trips, we would talk for hours

  16. Steven Cook
    5 years ago

    My fav Dad moment is when he took me on my first deer hunt!

  17. dannielle tessier
    5 years ago

    My dad is the best ever..took us camping and fishing and travelled everywhere but my biggest memory is when he too us fishing and I caught my first fish which was the best moment and he filleted the fish and ate it for the first time .. that was the proudest moment ever and super love fishing today with my family and the great outdoors thanks to my dad who taught me a lot..passing it on to my kids and family everything I was taught