Summer has officially ended :( So as we say goodbye to late summer nights, we welcome cool fall evenings…. Oh and neutrals! However, the old palette of neutrals have been expanded. We are no longer restrained to dulls browns and monotones greys. Meet the NEW neutrals , MEET  the METALS. Metallic tones mixes the coolness of fall, with the brightness summer. It gets you excited for all the occasional festivities that are right beyond the horizon. Metals go with everything and never go out of season. Call it  80’s nostalgia or a new age trend,  all we know is you need this bling on your feet!





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  1. TigerLil8x8
    4 years ago

    I like the Women’s CT ALL STAR SEASONAL Metallic gun sneakers. The gun metal is not as loud as the gold. The gold reminds me of “The Solid Gold Dancers” from the 1980’s.

  2. Gnome Girl
    4 years ago

    I would definitely wear the The Stingray Converse All Star pair.

  3. ToCo
    4 years ago

    Love the Gun Metal!

  4. Elee
    4 years ago

    so fun, I would love to wear the stingrays.

  5. Christine Holliday
    4 years ago

    Love the Gun metal!

  6. Kim
    4 years ago

    I love Gun Metal…so cool!