They Wore It Too: Sweat In Style

“No matter how you feel.. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up” – Regina Brett

This is especially true about: the dreaded workout. A lot (okay, most) of the time, the last thing we feel like doing is working up a sweat. Sure, you feel incredibly refreshed and cleansed afterwards,  but that feeling is just hard to recall when you first wake up, if you typically work out in the morning. Or when your friend  is enticing you to skip the workout and Treat Yo’Self!

But alas, treating yourself, especially as you get older, equates to taking care of your body. Which means working out, eating fresh & healthy and de-stressing – as much as possible. Our bodies are meant to be mobile, and even if it seems like a pain to schedule an hour of exercise into our already packed lives, it is so SO essential.

To motivate, it helps to have some kick ass sneakers and an outfit you can get excited about. We have both for you.


The Adidas “Adizero” feather blue running shoe is lightweight enough to double as an everyday walking shoe. Pick your activity.

adidas blog

Steal The Look – Swedish personal trainer and fitness blogger Faya knows her workout gear. She runs “Fitness on Toast”, giving readers insider tips (and outfits) to amp up your workout.


Put some flash in your workout with Skechers “Instant Hit” sneakers in white & silver.

skechers blog


Steal The Look – “Fashionably Flexy” is basically a blog reel of athleisure outfits. Pictured here is a laidback, day outfit with patterned leggings and Skechers GoWalks.

3 (2)

The New Balance’s “521” comes equipped with a heel pillow insert for the person who needs a little added support.

new balance blog

Steal The Look – We think the trick to staying fit is wearing workout clothes 24-7 on the off chance you may be inspired. Case in point: Heidi Klum. She lives in her New Balance’s.

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