Espadrille’s are having a moment… they’re pretty much the summer shoe we didn’t realize we needed. Like A Birthday Cake Flavored Croissant… madness. Yet just so so right.

What other shoe can take you from the boardwalk to the beach? Without skipping a beat (or shoving a pair of flip flops in your carry all)



See how you can rock ’em, SoftMoc Style:

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The Kaylee – black n’ gold shimmered. Need we say more?



Pretty In Pink – Pair it with a girly pastel rainbow romper. Hello summer!



Glammed in Gold – Keep it edgy with an army green skinny tank and cutoffs.



17 Comments On This Topic
  1. baker7
    5 years ago

    the kaylee is my fave

  2. Victoria Ess
    5 years ago

    Love the glammed in gold look with KAYLEE slip on espadrille in beige #OOTD !

  3. Debbie Bashford
    5 years ago

    Love the KAYLEE look

  4. Birdie Trafford
    5 years ago

    So love the The Glammed in Gold look #OOTD

  5. Ann Kieswetter
    5 years ago

    Love the Kaylee look!

  6. Jenn E
    5 years ago

    My favourite #OOTD is Glammed in Gold.

  7. Joan Brown
    5 years ago

    I like the Pretty in Pink look

  8. Sharron Johnston
    5 years ago

    I just adore the KAYLEE beige slip on. They look so comfy and perfect for summer. I love them paired with the olive green and could definitely see myself wearing them the boardwalk to the beach! Thank you for another wonderful #giveaway #SoftMocShoes! Keep up the great work! #OOTD

  9. Jodi Mitrovic
    5 years ago

    The KAYLEE pink slip on is my ideal look. I love the tiny pop of colour which is perfect for summer. Thank you #SoftMoc :) #OOTD #Espadrilles #ShoesForLife Followed&RT @JodiMitro

  10. C L. Chin
    5 years ago

    Love the gold pair!

  11. coach_daves
    5 years ago

    Glammed in Gold is my favourite #OOTD #Espadrilles

  12. Taylor
    5 years ago

    i would choose Glammed in gold as my favorite,#OOTD #GlammedInGold

  13. angela mitchell
    5 years ago

    My favourite is the Glammed in Gold. I love all 3 looks though!

  14. ToCo
    5 years ago

    Glammed in Gold is soooo me! Love it!

  15. Branka
    5 years ago

    Glammed in Gold is my fave #OOTD 😆

  16. Grieta
    5 years ago

    Glammed in Gold for sure :)

  17. karla
    5 years ago

    I like the Glammed in Gold!