They Wore It Too: Converse

When it comes to classic kicks, it doesn’t get much better than Converse. They’re been around for, well, as far back as we can remember. Truly adored by everyone, from moms, high schoolers, kids, you name it. And as comfort came to play an integral part in fashion, models and bloggers have been rockin’ them also.


Check out some of our favourite looks below:

I don’t think anyone is more of a Converse fan than Kristen Stewart – she’s the ultimate model of “glam grunge”. Above, she throws it back in white-washed jeans and a matching white-T.

And below, vice-versa. 



Blogger Sincerely Jules keeps is edgy with Black Converse and a matching studded purse.


This Mother/Daughter Collab on Trendsetter is pretty much everything. What other sneak looks equally good with a dress and/or white pants?




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