This Just In: Kamik Rain Boots For Spring!

As rainy season approaches, will you be singin’ in the rain à la Gene Kelly? Or will you be saying “I can’t stand the rain against my window” à la rapper Missy Elliott? Either way, you ought to be prepared for wet days and the best way to do so is to invest in a pair or two of galoshes. Sure, rain boots tend to lean more on the… “ugly” side of things but in this new era of fashion, anything goes! Not only are we seeing rain boots paired with just about anything these days, but they’re also being worn on non-rainy days.

Brighten up any gloomy day with these fun coloured new arrivals from one of our favourite rain boot makers, Kamik!


Feel especially “springy” when you wear this periwinkle “Heidi” mid length boot! Pair these glossy boots with a monochromatic purple ensemble for a look that will scream that you’re a risk taker – a stylish outlier!


What’s more classic than a yellow rain boot, umbrella, or rain coat? Go back to basics with this yellow mid length “Heidi” boot. For an ultra chic look, pair these boots with an all black ensemble, allowing the yellow boots to be your statement piece. Trust us, you will earn lots of compliments!


Grey is the new black. Seriously. For days when you feeling like being a bit understated with your outfit, this matte light grey “Jenny” mid length boot will do the trick! The neutral hue of this boot makes it ideal for pairing with just about any colour combination out there. And what beats versatility?


One of this season’s staple Pantone® colours is scuba blue. Add a trendy pop of colour to your outfit when you wear this mid length “Jenny” boot. Pair this matte coloured boot with an indigo denim-on-denim look for a sultry yet fun look and kiss your gloomy day goodbye!

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