This Just In: Wild About Wedges

Ah, Summer.. the time for barbecues, flip flops and everything in (& under) the sun. Sandal season is in full effect, ladies, which means it’s time to get those pedicures in order and prepare to bare – your toes, that is.

What’s not to love about wedges? They’re a fabulous heel hybrid that gives us the same benefit of stilettos, minus the wobble and pain. And go great with everything, from jeans to shorts, to dresses. Even pantsuits. Hello options!

Start it off on the right foot with Clarks. They always give us a be-autifully diverse selection to choose from, and we love them for it. You will too.

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main-wild-about-wedges-blog-2 (2)How low can you go? Clarks Playful Tunes are great for when you want just a little height but still want to rock a sandal. They’re a softer version of the gladiator and come in both black and gold.

main-wild-about-wedges-blog-3 (2)

Ah, the Madi! Guaranteed to be your go-to strappy wedge, it is beautifully detailed with white stitching and a wood grain base. The ultimate in casual sophistication.

main-wild-about-wedges-blog-1 (2)

Tan, Meet Black. The Caslynn Shae has a chunky cork wedge that everyone covets for summertime, in a style that works equally well with denim or an LBD.



23 Comments On This Topic
  1. Party Elle
    6 years ago

    I love the Caslynn Shae in black!

  2. teeslee
    6 years ago

    I like the Women’s PLAYFUL TUNES black low wedge sandals.

  3. prettytastyreviews
    6 years ago

    All the black Clark shoes are great. The gladiator style is my fave!

  4. Eileen
    6 years ago

    I love the Caslynn Shae in tan.

  5. Larker
    6 years ago

    The Madi looks like a perfect Summer Sandal

  6. C L. Chin
    6 years ago

    I like the playful tunes wedges!

  7. angela mitchell
    6 years ago

    I love the Caslynn Shae in black.

  8. Lori Jackson
    6 years ago

    I like the Black for a warm summer night out!

  9. Mandy
    6 years ago

    I like the gold Playful Tunes.

  10. Alana
    6 years ago

    The Caslynn Shae in black would look lovely on me feets!

  11. Andrea Lee
    6 years ago

    I love the Tan Caslynn Shae!

  12. Em Vee
    6 years ago

    I like the Caslynn Shae in tan

  13. Elizabeth V
    6 years ago

    Love Madi in black. I would wear that everywhere!

  14. Tammy Dalley
    6 years ago

    I love the Madi sandal

  15. D Reanne Niblock
    6 years ago

    Mavi in black

  16. Aimée Robison
    6 years ago

    I love the Caslynn Shae, it looks so fashionable and comfortable :)

  17. Krista Miller
    6 years ago

    I vote for the Clarks Playful Tunes Black Low Wedge Sandals! So decorative!

  18. Cara Woo
    6 years ago

    I like the black Clarks Playful Tunes! Great selection!

  19. Harvinderks
    6 years ago

    The Caslynn Shae is so pretty!

  20. Debbie S.
    6 years ago

    I am loving the Playful Tunes in the black!

  21. Christa Robertson
    6 years ago

    I would definitely like a pair of the black Caslynn Shae

  22. TheCanadianBeautyBug
    6 years ago

    Playful tunes :) Love both of them!

  23. Darci Paice-Bailey
    6 years ago

    I love the Playful Tunes in Silver they are so sweet!!!